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Growing Interests. 2009

Growing Interests consists of 2 elements : a series of decorative pavement drawings made with calcimine which mark the places in the city where citizens take care of plants in front of their houses and shops (visible in the center of Athens) and secondly : a collection of plants donated by those citizens to the museum (on show at the EMST). The need citizens of Athens feel and the perseverance they show to create and care for their green in the public space, reflects the struggle to survive and protect what's your own in the big city, but at the same time is about giving and sharing. This moved me and held my interest. Through a series of photographs I took, I realized that Athens could be considered very green, when focusing on the individual green in the public space. The citizens continue a habit that reminds one of life in the countryside, but at the same time it raises some questions about how we share, organize and use the public space of a contemporary big city. Growing Interests is based on the ideas of exchange and mutual interest which I believe are very close to common interests.The pavement drawings are inspired by the traditional ones, Greek women used to make every year before Easter in front of their houses. A tradition based more on the anti-bacterial qualities of the calcimine but still in practice as a decoration of the public part of people's property. The project has been part of the show 'Expanded Ecologies - Perspectives in a Time of Emergency' (june - october 2009) at the National Museum of Contemporary Art (EMST) in Athens.

Growing Interests film about the making process