syn[chrono]sides . 2014

syn = together
chrono = time
sides = sides
syn[chrono]sides is an artist's book comprising six abstract drawings from each artist and one they made in collaboration. It is based on the process of writing and on constantly repeated single units that form geometric and organic patterns. By minimizing the means, pencil or pen on paper, the artists create a series of drawings, addressing notions of repetition, time and space.
Anastasia Mina and Maria Ikonomopoulou based in London and Rotterdam respectively, worked for a year together, corresponding and exchanging drawings that resulted to this book.
syn[chrono]sides is a double-sided book where the back cover serves at the same time as the cover and conversely. Each artist has worked on one side of the book and both, met in the middle, created a drawing together. The 45 copies are all handmade referring to the manuscripts of antiquity and the way they were reproduced by monks in the Middle Ages.Double-sided artists book with drawings by Maria Ikonomopoulou and Anastasia Mina in 45 handmade copies.
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syn[chrono]sides . 2014
permanent marker, pencil on Moleskine acid free paper
22 x 15 cm | ed. 45

permanent marker, pencil on moleskine acid free paper
22 x 15 cm | ed. 45

middle page

2014 . Walgenbach art&books, Rotterdam (NL)

2015 . Elika gallery, Athens (GR)