Close | Borderlines

The work is inspired by the iron doors that I have been photographing for years when I am in Greece. Based on two squares (prints on paper and papercutting) that are combined with each other in ennalax, a surface has been created that is reminiscent of a double-leaf gate. On four of the 24 squares there are photographs of children's hands forming an archetypal house form.
The door and the railings as demarcation points between private and public space is what concerns me. Why do we need demarcation? What forms do we give it? What gives us a sense of security? These are some of the questions behind the project.
Close . 2017
cutout prints on Hahnemühle paper, nails, wall-mounted
190 x 130 x 5 cm

At the Beginning Was the Word, group show curated by Katerina Koskina and Anna Mykoniati with works out of the National Museum of Contemporary Art of Athens (EMST) collection
National Art Museum of China NAMOC, Beijing (CN)

Borderlines . 2016 - 2020
two layers print, cutout, Hahnemühle paper
110 x 80 cm