Settings . 2022 . three women show

11/6 - 24/7 | Pictura | Dordrecht (NL)

...Three female artists, Fatima Barzgne, Maria Ikonomopoulou and Kathrin Wolkowicz manifest here in a dual role both as creators and as curators of each other's work. In each of Pictura's three rooms, one person is the exhibition maker, who has sought work from the two others to match their own work or, vice versa, selected their own work to match the work of the other. Choosing from each other's work and making combinations in the exhibition is the idea behind this initiative. The photographs and artefacts, which Ikonomopoulou presents here as a still life in the closet, are documents of the encounters that only secondarily led to this joint exhibition. The aim was originally, to meet and reflect on each other’s work - they became conversations about everything, say life...
(fragment of the inauguration speech by Dagmar Boumann)