Temporary / Timeless . 2012

Commissioned piece for the entrence of the Amolf Institute, Amsterdam (NL)

The title of the piece refers to the text-items on the floor. The specific texts are temporary, because science research is developing very fast, new items will be explored in the very close future. The general text-items give a more timeless impression about the research themes of the institute and make clear that science is about things all of us would like to understand a little a bit more, such as balance, flexibility, manipulation, excitation and so on... All items are connected with each other with vertical lines and try to give a portrait of the Amolf institute with the strong interaction between its research groups.

Temporary / Timeless . 2012
print on canvas, resin . 1040 x 430 cm
Amolf Institute . Amsterdam (NL)

The idea for this work was born very fast but took a long time to realize. This was not only because of the slow collecting process of the elements but because it was really difficult to find the wrigt proportions in the work. A small difference in the size of the lines seem to make many female visitors dizzy in an unpleasent way. While the male visitors had no problems with the optical effect. Maybe here lies a new project for research to be explored here on the floor?

The floor piece is based on visual elements and textual phrases from current research projects; many researchers from AMOLF's different laboratories contributed to this art work.