Growing Ground

commission Location Eleusis (GR) Commissioned by Eleusis 2021 candidate city for European Capital of Culture Growing Ground is an interactive project realised in Elefsina, a small city near Athens in the autumn of 2016. Elefsina has being chosen as one of the European Capitals of Culture for 2021, and the city former railway station will be used as the office of the organisation of Elefsina 2021 European Capital of Culture.
The inhabitants of Elefsina were inited to collaborate on making a shared patio in the station's outdoor space by donating a plant from their own garden. In return, I made a pavement drawing in front of each donor's front door, inspired by and created especially for them. The gifted plants were placed in pots labelled with the donor's name and address. Drawings similar to those on the sidewalk in front of each plant - donor, were also sketched on the paved patio of the Old Railway Station to highlight the public character of this backyard.
video: Growing Ground