Stacking Stories . 2023

Installation in situ, part of the group show
Eleonas ’23 – Chthonian and Anthropocene
curated by Dimitris Trikas | Markoni 1 | Athens (GR)

Inspired by the multi-layered history of the area of Eleonas, originally an area full with olive trees, known from the ancient times when the sacred processions passed from Athens to Eleusis. Materials such as olive branches, green soaps, concrete blocks, tiles and candles, refer to the early Christian churches and the products created in this area until recently.

Thanks to Angeliki Douveri and Wim Oudshoorn.
With the kind support of Papoutsanis S.A. and the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary of Faneromeni in Cholargos.

Some of the many public's reactions.

You see the whole, not just the details.
This is a talking wall, not just a wall.
The hope of those materials... that no matter what happens they survive, because they have meaning for all of us.
It's like a church iconostasis.
The altar of Maria Ikonomopoulou.