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Give me your word. 2005

Give me your word is a project about giving and receiving, developed within the framework of the language campaign Speaking Dutch opens doors in the South of Rotterdam.

Most of the inhabitants are foreigners in this part of town. After many years of not speaking the Dutch language they are attending lessons now. In the meantime the population of the neighbourhood has changed a lot. In this district people hardly speak Dutch which makes it difficult to practise the language.

During this project 40 Dutch speaking women were brought into contact with 40 Dutch learning women. By asking questions they got to know each other and three weeks later they exchanged presents. The Dutch learning women had to buy a present or make something themselves. The Dutch speaking women had to choose three Dutch words for their partner and give them with a personal explanation.

All the given words are brought together in a very personal dictionary of the Dutch language Give me your word.
September 14th the book will be presented in the Municipal Library of the Afrikaanderwijk in the South of Rotterdam. In the same location there is a presentation of photos made during the project and 12 screen printed and embroidered banners inspired by Give me your word.

This project is has been financed by the Municipal Education Department.

Titel: empty Give me your word
Editors: empty Maria Ikonomopoulou en Sannetje van Haarst
Contributions: empty Folkert Kuiken, Anne Kooiman, Evelyne Hurkmans, deelnemers Geef me je woord
Production: empty Sannetje van Haarst
Druk: empty Drukkerij De Maastad, Rotterdam
Editions: empty 600