Talisman Cabinet

1998 commission The Ronald McDonald house is a guesthouse connected to the Childrens Hospital Sophia in Rotterdam. Parents of hospitalized children kan stay here with the hole family for longer time if it is necessary. The house is located on the second and third floor of a building near the hospital. The Talisman Kabinet is made for the entrance on the third floor.
Parents, children and visitors coming out of the elevator need to have the feeling of being 'home' here.
In a wooden cabinet with 48 compartments, small talisman objects made from paper and wax are established on light blue pillows. These objects are made as a good luck wish for all children.

Commissioned by: City Art Centre / Ronald McDonald House, Rotterdam.
wood, plexiglas, cotton, paper, wax
112 x 74 x 10 cm
Ronald McDonald house, Rotterdam